Francis Scott Key, defender of slavery
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"History so fresh it feels alive," says best-selling biographer David Maraniss of Snow-Storm in August. "After reading Jefferson Morley's vibrant account, one can never hear the Star-Spangled Banner the same way again.

Veteran Washington journalist Jefferson Morley tells the unexpected story of how the early struggle against American slavery erupred in Washington City, thrusting the famous and ambitious pro-slavery District Attorney Francis Scott Key in a uniquely American battle for justice. 

In 1835, the capital of the United States pulsed with change. As newly freed African Americans from the South poured into the city, free blacks outnumbered the enslaved for the first tim. Radical notions of abolishing slavery circulated on the city's streets. The man who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" and other white residents were forced to confront new ideas of what the nation's future might look like. The seeds of the Civil War that would break out 25 years later were being sown.

Ranging far beyond the familiar confines of the White House and the Capitol, Snow-Storm in August delivers readers into the bustling and treacherous streets of Washington City, with a textured and absorbing account of the racial secrets and contradictions that coursed beneath the freewheeling capital of the new republic. 

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