Winston Scott: The CIA's Top Man in Mexico
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Mexico City was the Casablance of the Cold War, a hotbed of spies, revolutionaries, and assassins. The CIA's station there was on the front line of the United States' fight against international communism.  And its undispute spymaster was Winston McKinley Scott.

Chief of the Mexico City station from 1956 to 1969, Win Scott played a key role in the founding generation of the Central Intelligence Agency but he remained a shadowy figure until investigative reporter Jefferson Morley unearthed his remarkable story. Born poor in rural Alabama, Scott became a math teacher and then earned a Ph.d, which won him a job in J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and then a war-time assignment to the Office of Strategetic Services in London, which led him to the top of the CIA.

Morley traces the quest of Win Scott's son, Michael to confront the reality of his father's life of a spy. He reveals how Win Scott ran hundreds of covert operations from his headquarters in the U.S. Embassy, while keeping three presidents of Mexico on the agency's payroll, and most intriguingly, overseeeing the surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald during his visit to the Mexican capital just weeks before the assassination of President Kennedy.

Morley documents why Scott came to reject a key finding of the Warren Commission report on JFK's assassination and how his disillusionment came to worry his longtime friend and rival James Angelton, the legendary chief of CIA counterintelligence. Angleton not only covered up the agency's interest in Oswald but, after Scott died, absconded with the only copy of Scott's explosive unpublished memoir.

This true life literary thriller in the style of John LeCarre, Our Man in Mexico is a compelling saga of espionage and and a candid portrait of how the CIA in action. 

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Our Man in Mexico

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